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Cheap Recliner Sofas & Armchairs

Ferra Corner Sofa Ferra Corner Sofa
-48 %
Length: 270 cm x 230 cm Seating height: 46 cm Height: 90 cm Sleeping area: No Type of filling: Highly elastic foam, Zigzag Springs Warranty: 2 years Delivery: 3-10 weeks Relax Function Adjustable headrests Adjustable backrests Cushions shown in the p..
£1,292.00 £2,476.00
Genova Recliner Armchair Genova Recliner Armchair
-34 %
Width: 130 cm Depth: 105 cm Height: 78 cm Type of filling: Highly elastic foam, Zigzag Springs Warranty: 2 years Delivery: 3-10 weeks Parts: 1  ..
£638.00 £974.00
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Cheap Recliner Sofas & Armchairs

Enhance your relaxation with our high-quality range of recliner sofas and armchairs. 

Recliner sofas and armchairs feature a reclining function, lowering your head back and raising your feet at a touch of a discreet button or pedal – the ultimate in comfort. Our affordable recliner sofas come in a wide range of modern colours and materials, including leather and fabric.

Cheap but high-quality recliner sofas 

We offer multiple recliner sofas and armchairs for sale that maintain a high level of quality despite the price reduction. They are great value for money, fulfilling the needs of budget-conscious customers. 

Want to save money on living room furniture? Try a cheap sofa set of matching sofas and armchairs.

Corner recliners and sofa bed recliners

Whether you’re looking for a compact 2 seater recliner or a family-sized corner sofa, we have a high-quality choice for you. Corner recliners may offer one or multiple reclining seats – just check the product description. Some recliner sofas also have sofa beds integrated; all are perfect for naps. 

Leather & Fabric Recliner Swatches

From classic leather to modern fabrics, we offer color and material swatches so you can ensure your recliner sofa or armchair is perfect. Create a modern look with a grey fabric recliner, or enjoy the durability and feel of leather. We offer a free sample service to help find a cheap recliner for you.

Place an order online or pop into our UK showroom in West Yorkshire to have a look at our furnishings.