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At Msofas we've gone to great lengths to bring you some fabulous furniture ranges to create your perfect room. These will add the finishing touch, perfectly complementing your furniture.


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The sofa store that makes your home into a heavenly place

Welcome to Msofas! We are a UK sofa shop that ties together gorgeous furniture styles, eye-catching upholstery, durable frames and warm colours that can now make it into your home. With Msofas, you are no longer limited to dull interior ideas and can transform your living room with a bang.


Bringing your living room to perfection shouldn’t be a string of spontaneous decisions. Even if you were rushed to realise your place needs a makeover, take your time to think through how you want it to play out. Check out our sofas at a leisurely pace – one sofa at a time – and buy the one that makes you desperate to see it anchored in your living room.


Are you planning beautiful alterations for your other rooms? Msofas is more than just a sofa shop with online collections geared towards upholstered seating for living rooms. View our EU-made furniture for home offices, bedrooms, dining rooms and kids’ rooms. Whether your place is teeny-tiny or feels like the royal palace, you’re going to find the most transformational, cosiest additions to it at Msofas!

The best online furniture store to give your place an upgrade

Msofas is built to help homeowners and interior designers try out the most stunning home transformation ideas involving furniture. They are all baked into your experience here and ensured by:

  • The whole world of sofa styles to explore. Do you want your sofa so comfortable that you can’t resist stretching out on it? Do you lean towards plenty of seating and neutral colours? A leather corner sofa or inviting upholstery? If you can think of it, Msofas can display it for sale.

  • Free samples and swatches. Diving into the Msofas furniture outlet store online may bring too many options to the table. Our free samples and swatches come in handy to discover how your new sofa will reflect light or complement your curtains. Use them to your liking to ensure your furniture can be arranged seamlessly.

  • Materials tailored to your decor. From textured weaves to the universal grandeur of leather, get a sofa destined to fit into your space. Our collections span multiple fabrics, natural leather and eco-leather for all your home elements to coordinate the right vibe.

  • Complimentary delivery. If it looks like the missing piece of the puzzle, don’t wait to add it to your space. Msofas delivers all sofas and other furniture for free throughout the UK. Hop into our Express Delivery collections to pull off your makeover even faster.

  • Cost-spreading options. You no longer have to roam around cheap sofa shops only. If you crave some elegant furniture set you can’t afford, just pay for it in instalments with Msofas. Buy it, arrange it and enjoy your revamped home without forking out that sum upfront.

The Msofas online furniture store cushions your way to compare and buy breathtaking additions to your home. More cushions will get you covered in our sofa collections.