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Beate Corner Sofa Bed -39%
Length: 240 / 195 cm  Height: 80 cm  Sleeping Area: 150 x 205 cm Storag..
£1,149.00 £699.00
Sydney Corner Sofa Bed -34%
Length: 232 / 160 cm Height: 80 cm  Sleeping Area: 140 x 200 cm ..
£744.00 £494.00
Oviedo Corner Sofa Bed Brown -18%
Length: 225 / 140 cm High: 88 cm Sleeping area: 140 x 200 cm Storage for bedding: Yes Typ..
£624.00 £514.00
Elegance 6 Corner Sofa Bed -24%
Length: 335 / 335 / 170  cm Height: 90 cm Width: 105 cm Sleeping area: 120 x 240 cm ..
£1,874.00 £1,429.00
Salerno Corner Sofa Bed -33%
Length: 288 / 214 cm  Height: 83 / 102 cm  Width: 111 cm Sleeping ..
£1,524.00 £1,014.00
London Corner Sofa Bed -24%
Length: 306 / 215 cm Height:  70 cm  Width: 106 cm  Sleeping ..
£874.00 £664.00
Vallon Living Room Set 1 New
Color: Beech Ibsen or Beech Ibsen/White Body: 16 mm laminated board, resistant ..
Vallon Dining Set 6 Chairs New
Table Color: Beech Ibsen or Beech Ibsen/White 22 mm laminated board resistant t..
Adel Set 2 New -14%
Color:San Remo / Latte Gloss or Graphit Gloss  Material: 16 mm laminated board ..
£780.00 £669.00
Indiana Corner Wardrobe Craft White Fast Delivery New -17%
Color: Craft White Material: 16mm laminated chipboard finished with 48mm thickened tops. Pack..
£312.00 £260.00
Ultimo Single Bed 7 Fast Delivery -10%
Color: Dark Coimbra Ash + Orange Material: 16 mm laminated board  Packaging :&..
£180.00 £162.00
Falco Set 2 Fast Delivery -18%
Color: Pine Andersen / Oak Riviera Material: 16 mm laminated board Packaging: Packe..
£599.00 £489.00
Cadiz 1 Stone Fast Delivery Corner Sofa Bed -21%
In Stock - Cadiz 1 Left corner side, made of fabric Orion 5 - stone Length: 244 / 175 cm ..
£949.00 £749.00
Cala Set 9 Fast Delivery -26%
Color: Black body/Black gloss fronts, White Body/White Fronts, Golden Oak Material: 16 mm lamin..
£340.00 £250.00
Lorento Computer Desk 10 Fast Delivery -9%
Color: Ash Coimbra / Purple Material: 16 mm laminated board  Packaging: Packed Flat, Sel..
£90.00 £82.00
Mateo Corner Sofa Bed Fast Delivery -46%
Length: 280 / 185 cm  Height: 82 cm  Width: 105 cm Sleeping Are..
£1,399.00 £749.00
Sydney Corner Sofa Bed Fast Delivery -34%
Length: 232 / 160 cm Height: 80 cm  Sleeping Area: 140 x 200 cm ..
£744.00 £494.00
Fabio  Corner Sofa Bed Fast Delivery -49%
Length: 280 / 235 cm Height: 69 / 88 cm Width: 108 cm Sleeping area: 130 x 197 cm Storage..
£1,899.00 £974.00
Mateo Corner Sofa Bed Fast Delivery -46%
In Stock - Mateo, Left Corner made fabric Portland 85 seating area, frame fabric Portland 91, cushio..
£1,399.00 £749.00
Luigi TV Stand 125 with Wall Shelf -10%
Color: Country Honey / Jasmine Gloss Material: 16 mm laminated board Packaging: Pac..
£109.00 £98.10
Cala Set 5 Fast Delivery -20%
Color: Black body/Black gloss fronts, White Body/White Fronts, Golden Oak Material: 16 mm lamin..
£599.00 £480.00
Cala Set 3 Fast Delivery -10%
Color: Black body/Black gloss fronts, White Body/White Fronts, Golden Oak Material: 16 mm lamin..
£386.00 £347.40
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Comfortable Sofas and Complimentary Furniture

Msofas offers a wide selection of sofas online. At our store, we have various kinds, colors, and styles of sofas. We also sell a range of complimentary furniture. Therefore, we have no doubt that you will find what you are looking for. Whether you need a new sofa set for your living room, or a corner sofa to improve the look and comfort of your lounge-TV area, we will offer a design, color, and fabric that will perfectly fit your home interior.

You Deserve a Luxury Sofa

A sofa has always been one of the most important furniture items of our homes. It is an integral part of every living room, the heart of every house. A sofa is a place where we relax, unwind, and recharge. We like to curl up on it and watch a movie or read a book. Statistics show that people spend an average of 4 hours a day on their sofas. Knowing the importance of having a nice and comfortable oasis at your home, we have prepared a big collection of leather and fabric sofas for the UK residents.

  • Sectional sofas are coaches that come in several sections. They can be modified and adjusted the way you prefer. Sectional sofas are usually large. Their seating capacity can be up to 8 persons or even more.
  • Standard sofas and loveseats are common designs among this kind of furniture. A standard full-length sofa is good for three persons. It is a spacious and comfortable option for most living rooms. Loveseats, on the contrary, are compact and can accommodate only two people. Both types of sofas provide comfortable seating for a functional living space.
  • Sofa beds and futons are multi-taskers as they can serve as a sofa or sleeping space.
  • Corner sofas can accommodate many people. Owing to the hidden compartments, they can quickly turn into beds whenever it is needed. A corner design helps not to occupy too much space in your home and create a beautiful modern look.

We are Much More Than an Ordinary Sofa Shop

Your home is much more than just walls. It’s everything that is inside. People, stories, memories, events and, of course, furniture. An interior may speak volumes that’s why it’s important to plan every detail of it properly.

Along with various kinds of cheap sofas, we offer a wide assortment of other high-quality and space-efficient complimentary furniture that will be perfect for your office, dining area or bedroom. In case you need a full set of furniture pieces for a specific room, check out our collection of furniture sets. All sets are made of durable materials and offered in various colors and styles. Regardless of your choice, we believe that you will be happy with your purchase as we strive to deliver exceptional value and customer satisfaction to everyone.

If you are looking for a place to buy cheap sofas in the UK, come to Msofas store. Purchase furniture sets and sofas online or in-store. We believe that the variety of designs and colors we offer will satisfy even the most demanding consumer.