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Kids Bedside Table

Kids Bedside Table


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Kids Bedside Table

Kids' bedside tables should have a fun style that matches their bedroom décor. And they should be low enough to reach for items without struggling. At Msofas, we offer a mixture of both open and closed varieties that suit different room styles.

A kid's bedside table keeps necessary items your kids may need before they fall asleep or after they wake up. Placing this table next to the bed is helpful as walking to the items while half asleep can lead to accidents. Msofas has just the suitable bedside furniture options to complement your kids' bedroom's interior.

Does the Bedside Table Have to Be Next to The Bed?

The bedside table should be within your kids' reach from the bed. Spacing in the room is essential, and the table should be about one inch from the edge of the bed. And it should be ideally level with the mattress.

The kids' bedside table should also align with the room's style and design preferences.

Tips On Choosing the Right Kid's Bedside Table

  • Dimensions:

Apart from looking aesthetic, the bedside table should leave an inch or two for draping the blankets and sheets. And it should have adequate width to fit all the valuable items like books or toys.

  • Storage:

Determine your kids' storage needs before you purchase a bedside table. Consider items like a bedside clock or lamp. But if you have no space requirements, you have more options for a sleek table.

  • Colour:

The table's colour should complement the room's colour palette. Smaller rooms should incorporate light-coloured furniture, while bigger spaces look cosier with darker-shade furniture.

  • Style:

There is a wide variety of kids' bedside tables. Choose simple styles with minimal storage, straight lines, fun colours and smooth-gliding drawers.

Final Thoughts

Kids' Bedside tables create a sense of symmetry and balance while serving as functional pieces. Shop at Msofas today for the best quality kids' bedside tables.