How to make an old sofa look modern

We often hear about the difficulties involved in keeping your old sofa looking modern and stylish. Sofas are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture, and they can take months to be delivered after your order. That is partly why most sofas are made to last between 7 and 15 years. Today, we discuss different ways you can make your old sofa look modern and refurbished without breaking the bank!

Money saving tips when moving house or redecorating 

Moving house is an investment and considered one of the most stressful life changes! The expenses involved in moving home are becoming more and more costly, making it difficult for many people to move. New bills, hiring vans, deposits, and buying furniture are just some of the expenses involved in moving! Redecorating your existing home can also quickly add up with the costs of wallpaper, paint, and furniture having the potential to mount up to thousands. One way to help is to look for second hand furniture, or refurbish your current furniture wherever possible. Here are our top 3 tips to save money of furniture when moving:

  • Visit Charity Shops: Checking out local charity shops can help you save money while also supporting the local community! They often will have a range of furniture, from sofa sets to computer desks, available at discounted prices sometimes more than half the retail price. 
  • Ask Family and Friends: You might find that some of your friends and family have a spare sofa to share! It is always worth asking around to see if you could get a free or cheaper second hand sofa that you can then upcycle or renovate to match your living room décor.

  • Upcycle Furniture: If you already have a sofa, or find a second-hand sofa, this will help stop you from having to spend hundreds of pounds on a new sofa! You can upcycle your sofa to make it look new, fresh and stylish for your new home.

Tips To Upcycle Your Sofa

Found your sofa? Wanting to refurbish an old sofa? Now it is time to think about the different ways you can get creative and renovate your sofa to suit your new home or living room redecoration. 

Get Your Cleaning Gloves On

It may surprise you how much a difference having a good clean can make. Every sofa has its own cleaning requirements and you may have been using the wrong method all this time! Find out how to clean your sofa today with our expert guide.

Tufting a Sofa 

Tufted sofas exude a certain elegance to your home. Often referred to as a mid-century traditional sofa design, paired with a modern living room they have the ability to elevate your living space with the perfect balance of style and class. Tufting a fabric sofa is a relatively straightforward process, all you need is some buttons, measuring tape, an upholstery needle, and confidence! With the range of tufting styles available, you are sure to find the right one to refurbish your old sofa into new life. Follow the below steps on how to  tuft a sofa:

  • Buy sofa foam and cut holes into the foam in the places where you want to turf your old sofa
  • Cut holes in the sofa batting and then align it with the holes you made on the foam you will be using to reupholster a sofa
  • Cover the foam with fabric, make sure you add extra inches of fabric as this will be used to fold around the foam (top tip: you can also choose a new colour or fabric material if you really want to trick your loved ones into thinking you have a new sofa)
  • Sew or staple the fabric to the sofa
  • Add a little mark on the now fabric-covered foam as a guide of where you want to add the buttons, use the holes added earlier as a guide
  • Add the buttons to the sofa using an upholstery needle and thread it through the markings you made on the foam. Make sure to sew the button the the foam and the batting of your sofa
  • Staple the fabric to the sides and back of your sofa for them to match your new tufted front
  • Finish the bottom of the sofa by covering it with a piece of fabric and upholstery tack.

Add Upholstery Trim 

Sofa trims can be used as a necklace for your old sofa. There are a wide array of colours, styles and materials to choose from that can upcycle your sofa. The nail head trim adds a trendy industrial feel to your sofa while a rhinestone trim will add some glamour to your home. To add upholstery, you do not need too many materials as all you need is a trim, upholstery needle, thread, and a furniture staple.

Changing Sofa Legs

Changing the legs of a sofa can be one of the easiest ways to update and upscale your sofa. If your home décor is now having a change in colour scheme or theme, then changing sofa legs may be a good option for you to help make your living room have matching furniture. 

Choose from a variety of materials from wooden to metal, and there is an endless range of shapes. You could go for classic turned black legs, or chrome-plated steel legs to give your home a modern and elegant look. There are more creative options when it comes to sofa legs where there are patterns and cut-outs to offer a graceful and bespoke style to your home.

If you want to get stuck into some DIY, why not try making your own wooden sofa legs? Use the measurements from your current sofa legs to make sure you cut the right sized legs, and choose a strong material that will be able to effectively hold the weight of your sofa. 

Get Creative with Sofa Pillows 

One of the easiest ways to renew your sofa is to add to it. Sofa pillows can help match your sofa to the rest of your home décor theme as well as add some new life to your living room. 

If you’re happy with your pillows but find they are looking tired or worn out, then you can re-stuff them to add a bounce back into them! Replace their cover with new, vibrant colours which match your décor. Create more of an impact by choosing from a range of pillow shapes to make your sofa stand out, from classic square or rectangle pillows to contemporary and fun heart-shaped pillows. Add different textures to your sofa by choosing sofa pillow covers that use materials, such as a mixture of fluffy and velvet covers. 

You could even design and make your own sofa pillow covers if you really want to have a unique style around your living room. This also gives you the stylistic freedom to make the pillow design suit your taste. 

Order Sofas Online Today

For convenience, you may find it better to simply buy a new sofa online today. If you are moving home, you may need a new sofa because your previous furniture does not belong to you. Browse our living room furniture to discover furniture for your new home or to add to your existing home.