Your Guide to Choosing The Most Comfortable Sofa Bed to Sleep on For Your Home

The addition of a corner sofa bed you can sleep on to your living space is a functional and easy way to offer visiting friends and family a place to spend the night, especially if you do not have a spare room. It’s quite tough to decide on a sofa you need to buy. Whether you live in a tiny studio, flat or large house, sofa can be the most important element of your living space. In other words, it can make or break the feel of a room.

Shopping for a corner sofa bed is about more than just finding the size and style you like, you may have an aesthetic in mind, but remember you also want a sofa bed that is comfortable to sleep on. This is where M Sofas online store comes in. Here you will find a wide selection of comfortable sofas and complimentary furniture for every taste.

What to Consider When Picking Out the Best Sofa Bed For Sleeping


How Much to Spend?

Obviously, this is down to your personal budget and how you plan to use the sofa bed. If the piece is headed for a study or smaller room, perhaps it won’t be used for sitting on that much and you can prioritise sleeping comfort.

If you need it for your living room as a central piece of furniture, you’ll also want to consider how it rates for seating comfort as well as being a sofa you can sleep on.

Bear in mind that if you won’t be using the sofa bed every night, buying top of the range is not necessarily essential, especially with such a variety of quality options available on the market.

Which Style of Sofa Bed Will Suit Your Room Best?

Do you think about the size of a sofa your room can accommodate easily? You have to make sure you choose one that blends in with the rest of your decor and fits with the scale of the room and the other furniture. Let us enumerate the most common types of sofa beds and find out what makes them special:

  • Pull Out Sofa Bed

This kind of sofa bed is the best sofa to sleep on. It comes as a comfortable seating and usually incorporates a queen-sized mattress when pulled out to become a bed. There are several design solutions when it comes to pull out sofa beds - convertible folding beds and folding sofa beds. The last one is perfect as it does not take up any extra space but still get the experience of a full sized bed. Moreover, opting for a pull out sofa bed, you get an opportunity to provide flexible sleeping place for your guests.

  • Futon

A futon is an easy and practical way to incorporate a sofa you can sleep on into your home design. It’s a perfect solution for living rooms as well as for guest rooms and offices. As a rule, futons have a simple look that works well in most spaces. As it can be easily folded up, a futon is a versatile seating arrangement for any home. Searching for the right futon for your home interior, you should make an accent on a mattress as well. Its texture should match the other fabrics in your décor.

  • Sleeper Chair

Sleeper chair is the perfect solution for those who cannot get comfortable in a normal bad. It’s a good option if you’re lack of space for something larger in your living room. Convertible sleeper chairs are ideal for small apartments, studio, and dorm rooms. Moreover, you can use it when you need an extra sleeping space in your flat. Opting for one of the sleeper chairs available on the market, you get a twin-size bed, a chaise and a chair all in one piece of furniture.  

Sofa Sleeping Comfort

The type of mattress is a key component when looking for the most comfortable sofa bed to sleep on. There is a wide variety of bed mate options available on the market incorporating different materials and technologies that meet your budget and needs.  Choose from foam, innerspring, air over coil or cotton/ polyester fill, depending on your personal preferences. It is significant to explore the different options to find the type of a sofa mattress that serves you best. A thicker mattress (5 inches or more) will provide the best night’s sleep.


It can be easily forgotten in the excitement of finding the sofa bed of your dreams, but the convenience of assembly is going to matter. Whichever opening mechanism the sofa bed has, make sure that you are able to open and unfold it with ease on your own.

Once you know the basics of the type of sofa bed you want, you can think about colour, material and any extra style aspects to complete your search. Here are M Sofas online furniture store, we want to make sure you find the best sleeping option for your home. We believe that home is much more than just walls. Home is where you feel safe and comfortable. That is why we offer a wide selection of high-quality sofas and complementary furniture, which cater to every taste and budget. Good luck in your search for the perfect sofa solution for your home!