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16 Feb The Best Corner Sofa Beds for Sale
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The Best Corner Sofa Beds for SaleThe best corner sofa beds can help you maximize your floor space or create a division in an open-plan living and dining space. Many of them also provide hidden storag..
02 Feb The Best Sofa Beds for Your Home
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Did you know that some version of sofa beds has existed since the late 1800s? What was once deemed a "folding bed" is now a modern-day delight. After all, who doesn't love the versatility of being abl..
16 Aug The Worst Things To Stain Your Sofa - Revealed!
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The Worst Things To Stain Your Sofa - Revealed! We’ve all been there. You’re sitting watching a late night movie and you’re completely immersed. You go to take a sip of your cold beverage and… whoops!..
29 Mar How to make an old sofa look modern
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How to make an old sofa look modernWe often hear about the difficulties involved in keeping your old sofa looking modern and stylish. Sofas are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture, and they ..
24 Feb Pet Friendly Sofas - A Guide To Protect Your New Sofa
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Pet Friendly Sofas - A Guide To Protect Your New SofaIn the UK, the RSPCA estimates that 12 million households have pets meaning that around 44% of homes have a pet. This staggering number shows just ..
10 Jan Sofa Trends 2022
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Sofa Trends: Sofa Styles That Are Set to Define 2022 Buying a sofa can become overwhelming with the number of different colours and styles out there! Trying to match ever-changing trends to existing i..
04 Jan Famous TV Sofas
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Some TV backdrops and sets are hard to forget, with famous sofas or armchairs often being the centrepiece of the scene. Iconic TV sofas, such as the Friends couch, have been remembered for years after..
07 Dec How to Clean a Fabric Sofa?
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How to Clean a Fabric Sofa?Fabric sofas and sofa beds are hugely popular nowadays. With more and more cheap options available for small and large spaces, it makes sense to buy a fabric sofa. However, ..
28 Jul Choosing the Most Comfortable Sofa Bed to Sleep On - A Buyers Guide.
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Your Guide to Choosing The Most Comfortable Sofa Bed to Sleep on For Your Home The addition of a corner sofa bed you can sleep on to your living space is a functional and easy way to offer visiting..
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The bedroom is not simply a place to sleep at during the night. It can also serve as your haven for peace of mind and relaxation. So it is important to establish a comfortable feel to your own bedroom..
18 May Comfortable Corner Sofa Bed to Relax
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A corner sofa bed can be a great addition to your home, especially if your space is limited and you are expecting guests. A corner sofa bed will not only allow you to maximise any space in which you p..
16 Dec Why do we need Coffee Tables?
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Dating from the Victorian era, coffee tables are a necessity for every home. Without placing one in your living room, it feels like your furniture is incomplete. Why exactly do you need a coffee table..
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