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Warranty | Msofas

As one of the UK's few specialist sofa retailers, the Msofas selection process is strongly oriented toward quality and durability as well as value. Before allowing the supply of a piece of upholstery from any manufacturer, our buying team not only inspect and assess the factory but also check the method of manufacture of every model and design produced. Upholstery and sofas, in particular, are hand made products and as such variation and inconsistencies are common. For this reason, Msofas take great care in supplier choice, working with only factories where quality standards are process driven and maintainable.

This means that when a model is on display in the store, we are supremely confident in its intrinsic quality.
To represent our own confidence in our products and in addition to your statutory rights as a UK consumer we include our own 2 years warranty, free-of-charge with your new furniture.
Implementation of the complaint through a free repair will be 30 days from the date of examination.

Additionally, all sofas purchased after 01/05/2024, will include a lifetime frame warranty.

Please note
*The term "frame" specifically denotes the sofa's structural support prior to its upholstery. This definition excludes elements like springs, spring clips, or arm cards.
The warranty is exclusively for the buyer and cannot be transferred.

Deadline for the examination and the complaint may be extended if the buyer agrees fax, e-mail or otherwise in writing. The delay in settling the complaint does not occur when a representative of the Guarantor reported to the Buyer at the agreed time and could not take action when complaints of reasons attributable to the Buyer. In this situation, the Guarantor pursues a claim in the new 30-day time limit.

The acceptance of the complaint to be implemented by repairing or to declare the complaint to be unfounded, the Buyer will be notified by the Guarantor immediately after the inspection of furniture, by making an appropriate entry in the minutes of the complaint. In all other cases, in a written decision within 14 days from the date of filing the complaint to the Guarantor.

If the defect is the subject of the complaint is, according to the manufacturer's assessment removable, the provision will be implemented by repair of the Buyer on the spot, in other cases the repair of the product will take place in the factory. The manner of the complaint decides representative of the manufacturer.
The buyer has the obligation to deliver the furniture or parts of the manufacturer's representative, in order to transport them to the headquarters of the manufacturer and repair in factory conditions.

The manufacturer has no obligation to provide Buyer with a replacement product for the duration of the repair in factory conditions. Refusal of a product (or part thereof) for repair in factory conditions or prevent repair, is considered resigned from the warranty.

Buyers expire automatically if the accepted date of the visit the manufacturer's service was twice unobserved by the fault of the Buyer.

If the sofa has to be replaced/repaired by the manufacturer because its damage we will supply the sofa within a maximum of 60 working days.

Every structural component of your new sofas and chairs is covered comprehensively by our 2 years warranty.

Specifically, all framework, joints, springs are warranted for a period of a full 2 years by Msofas.

Guarantee Exclusions:
Please be aware that our guarantee does not cover the following instances:
Damage resulting from intentional acts, improper storage conditions, accidents, carelessness by you (or another party), or usage in commercial or institutional settings.
Not adhering to the guidelines outlined in our Care Guide or any instructions provided with the product upon delivery.
Any modifications or repairs undertaken without obtaining our prior written consent.
Dirty Materials: The guarantee doesn't apply if the furniture fabric, eco-leather, or natural leather is dirty.
Mechanical Damages: Any form of mechanical damage such as tears, broken wood, scratches, or punctures on fabrics, eco-leather, or leather is not covered.
Improper Use: Damage found to be caused by improper use of the furniture, not in accordance with their intended purpose, is not covered.
Animal Damage: Damage inflicted by animals is excluded from the guarantee.
Liquid Damage: The guarantee does not cover furniture damaged by flooding with water or other liquids.
Inadequate Maintenance: Damage to the protective surface of the skin, fabric, or eco-leather due to inadequate cleaning and maintenance procedures is not covered.
Lack of Regular Maintenance: If cleaning and maintenance procedures for leather are not performed at least 4 times a year as recommended by the manufacturer, the guarantee won't apply.
Fabric Discoloration: The manufacturer does not take responsibility for the discoloration of upholstery fabric resulting from the migration of dyes from clothing that comes into contact with the fabric.
Foam Deformation: Deformation of the foam part of the furniture arising from its use is not covered.
Natural Fabric Wrinkles: Wrinkles in natural fabrics caused during normal use, as well as those resulting from the properties of the fabric and foam cartridge, are not covered.
Fabric and Leather Damage: Any kind of tears, scratches, or damages to fabrics, eco-leather, or leather are not covered.
Fabric Issues: Issues like pilling, shrinkage, and fading of upholstery fabrics resulting from the buyer's use of the product are not covered.
Intentional Features: Folds appearing in the upholstery material, considered a desired and intended feature, and the loose and soft outer coating of furniture made from materials or leather, resulting from manufacturing technique, are not covered.
Characteristic Features: Typical characteristics of upholstery fabrics, such as sensitivity to touch, iridescence (changes in gloss and hue depending on the light angle), fiber microfibrillation (peeling), and static electricity, are not covered by our guarantee.


Preserve the Beauty of Your Upholstered Furniture with These Expert Guidelines:

  • Distance from Heat: Ensure your furnishings are placed no less than 60cm from heating elements such as radiators and fireplaces to maintain cool temperatures. Please note that foam deformation caused by proximity to heat sources may affect the warranty.
  • Minimize Sunlight Exposure: Shield your upholstery from prolonged sun exposure to avert the risk of colour deterioration.
  • Sitting Properly: Refrain from perching on the arms of sofas and chairs, as doing so may compromise the structure's integrity.
  • Maintain Cushion Form: Avoid habitually sitting on the edges of your cushions; evenly distribute your weight to sustain their supportive qualities and shape.
  • Proper Handling: When relocating sofas and chairs, lift them from the base rather than tugging at the arms to prevent damage.
  • Cushion Upkeep: Make it a routine to fluff and rearrange your cushions daily to keep them looking fresh.
  • Uniform Wear: Regularly rotate cushions and alternate seating positions to guarantee even wear and tear across your furniture.

Natural Characteristics Not Covered by Warranty:
Please note that our warranty does not cover the following natural features:
Variations in Upholstery Firmness: There may be differences in the firmness of individual upholstery components due to their size or the technique used during manufacture.
Leather Variations: Natural variations in texture and tone, along with scars, veins, birthmarks, rough areas, thickness variations, and wrinkles are all characteristic of genuine leather. These signs of authenticity are not covered by the warranty.
Age-Related Changes: Changes that naturally occur over the lifetime of the furniture, such as stretching, wrinkling, wear at seams and high-use areas, and leather polishing, are not covered.
Color Differences: Significant shade differences in leather between individual elements of a set produced at different times are not covered.
Fabric Differences: Variations in fabric or PU leather from different production batches, especially if the products were purchased at different times, are not covered.
Wood Shade Differences: Allowable differences in the shade of wooden elements, due to their natural origin, are not covered.
Velour Fabrics: Velour fabrics like Malia,Zoya , Malta, Milton or Kronos have a unique elegant character and may exhibit a shading effect, which can change under touch or light, effectively shimmering depending on the angle of light. This "shading" is typical for these materials and is not subject to complaint

Furniture Use and Maintenance Guidelines:
Proper Use: Furniture should be used as intended. Avoid excessive pressure on armrests, standing on seats or backs, or jumping on the furniture.
Environment: Furniture should be housed in a dry, indoor space, protected from adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight. Ideal conditions are a relative humidity of 30-70% and a temperature of 15 to 25 ºC.
Heat Sources: Do not place furniture too close to radiators or other heat sources. Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from these sources.
Wooden Components: Protect wooden furniture parts from scratches or damage. For sets with two or more pieces, ensure even use (not just one seat) to avoid discrepancies in the appearance of the set over time.
Convertible Furniture: Furniture with the capability to unfold is not intended for everyday sleeping.
Transport Protection: Before first use, ensure that all transport protection has been removed.
Assembly: Disassembling and reassembling furniture for children's functions without professional help is not advised.
Material Contact: Avoid direct contact of skin, fabric, or eco-leather with human sweat and animal or vegetable fats.

Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines:
Upholstery Care: Upholstery materials like leather, fabric, or eco-leather should be kept clean. Avoid letting these materials become heavily soiled. With proper maintenance and care, your furniture can retain its functionality and aesthetic appeal for a long time.
Vacuuming: Before cleaning, vacuum the furniture. Use a soft brush attachment for upholstered and matte surfaces. For glossy surfaces, use a soft, dry cloth.
Stain Removal: Address stains as soon as they occur.
Cleaning Products: Don't apply cleaners directly to the stain. Instead, use a white cloth or sponge to clean the affected area.
Gentle Cleaning: Be careful not to damage the upholstery surface while cleaning. Clean gently using a circular motion. Ensure the surface is dry after cleaning.
Drying: After cleaning, ensure the surface is dry before using the furniture again. Only operate furniture when it's completely dry.



The leather is a natural product: breaths absorbs and gives moisture.
If you will be looked after, clean, maintain and store in a stable temperature is always elegant and pleasant to the touch.
An easily notable feature is the presence of real leather, even on a small piece of a differentiated structure of the surface, different thicknesses, as well as the presence of other natural characteristics resulting from actions of nature: insect bites, scars, wrinkles, scratches, calluses, and the like. The difference in the texture of the skin is single with evidence that the skin has a natural face and that you are the buyers of the product for which he has been natural materials. Furniture with large areas of utility is made of a dozen or so up mats skin, coming from several animals, so there is a possibility of different shades and gloss leather upholstery. This effect also confirms the naturalness of the skin and should not be treated as a defect. Over time, the use of the skin can be wiped off - which is normal during operation, thus enhances the worn surface (patina shade).
Our company for furniture apply hides, in which, / the patina effect is obtained artificially by appropriate dyeing leather by the manufacturer. They are so called. "Leather antique".
Leather due to its properties in normal use can gently stretch, which is not a pucker skin defects. In some leather furniture are deliberately wrinkling. It is deliberate plan design and can not be regarded as a defect
  The top layer of the skin is very delicate and sensitive to external action. Just like human skin is prone to drying out and cracking, so you should avoid placing leather furniture near radiators, fireplace, avoid direct sunlight, as the sun's rays have a very big impact on changing the colour of the furniture. It is recommended constant skin temperature ranging from 19 to 21 degrees Celsius.
Do not use detergents, inappropriate care, specially manufactured on the basis of alcohol, gasoline and solvents and bleaches - they can permanently damage the skin. Defects caused as a result of misuse or improper maintenance-care products are not subject to the complaint.
All used by the company skin meet high-quality standards that are required for the production of furniture. Regular checks and detailed selection of material selection to production guarantee a very high quality of our products.