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Pacific Corner Sofa Relax Pacific Corner Sofa Relax
-26 %
£1,823.00 £2,472.00

£151.92 a month for 1 year, 0% APR - No deposit (V12 Finance)
Florence Corner Sofa Relax Florence Corner Sofa Relax
-1 %
£1,774.00 £1,788.00

£147.83 a month for 1 year, 0% APR - No deposit (V12 Finance)
Grenada Corner sofa Relax Grenada Corner sofa Relax
-30 %
£1,725.00 £2,455.00

£143.75 a month for 1 year, 0% APR - No deposit (V12 Finance)
Reno Corner Sofa Reno Corner Sofa
-41 %
£1,506.00 £2,552.00

£125.50 a month for 1 year, 0% APR - No deposit (V12 Finance)
Toro Corner Sofa Relax Toro Corner Sofa Relax
-23 %
£1,632.00 £2,122.00

£136.00 a month for 1 year, 0% APR - No deposit (V12 Finance)
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Unwind in style with affordable recliner sofas

Long, exhausting days aren’t such a pain in the neck when you can kick back and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation redefined in your living room. Our selection of cheap recliner sofas is here to offer a touch of indulgence for your space to feel this way.

With just a push of a button or a gentle pedal tap, you’ll be transported into a realm of no stress and body-aching. Get ready to sink into the lap of luxury with our oh-so-comfortable sofas, available in an array of modern colours and sumptuous materials.

Quality recliner sofas for sale

A moment of true relaxation can be a precious commodity. After enduring the demands of work, family and responsibilities, you deserve a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate with the utmost comfort. That’s why our recliner sofas are built with attention to each detail, from solid materials to visually soothing designs that ensure your most relaxing experience.

Beech wood frames for durability

At the heart of our luxury recliner sofas lies a foundation of strength and longevity. Our frames are expertly constructed using premium beech wood known for its robustness and resistance to wear and tear. You can be sure your sofa will serve you for years without squeaking, shifting or breaking.

Luxurious materials for optimal comfort

True comfort starts from the moment you touch the surface of your sofa. For this reason, Msofas furniture features upholstery materials carefully selected for a luxurious feel. Whether you choose the rich allure of leather or the cosy embrace of soft fabric, your modern reclining sofa will envelop you in comfort like never before.

Highly elastic foam filling

The secret to unparalleled comfort is kept by the cushions that cradle you. Our recliner sofas are generously padded with highly elastic foam filling that contours your body and provides customised support. Sink into blissful relaxation as the foam adapts to your unique shape, relieving pressure points and making you feel on cloud nine.

Sturdy metal legs for steadfast support

Besides impeccable craftsmanship and materials, our luxury recliner sofas feature durable metal legs that add a touch of modern flair. You can always flop onto your sofa after a long day with the confidence that it’ll embrace your body. It’s even sturdy enough to invite your whole family for a lovely get-together.

2-Year warranty

Msofas walks the talk for comfort protection. When you buy a recliner sofa, each purchase comes with our comprehensive 2-year warranty. It covers any furniture repair, meaning your interior design addition and relaxation are well-protected by a team dedicated to delivering furniture that surpasses expectations.

Arrange the best version of your living room

Discover the art of relaxation that transports you to a world of tranquillity with Msofas. Whether you keep exploring our website or step into our showroom in West Yorkshire, we’re here to help you find a modern reclining sofa for the finest arrangement in your space.

Get ready to recline, unwind and rejoice in moments of pure bliss!

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