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Bonnell Mattress 160x200x12
-50 %
The Bonnell mattress guarantees high-quality sleep at an affordable price. Bonell springs in the core of the mattress ensure air circulation and discharge excess moisture, which ensures a high standard of hygiene and pleasant feelings during sleep.Size : 160x200x12..
£176.00 £350.00
Foam Mattress 160x200x8
-50 %
The foam mattress is made of high-quality foam. it has all the required certificates. The uneven structure of foam makes the mattress more elastic. This is a medium firmness mattress and it is a highly durable material it is not susceptible to deformation.Size : 160x200x8..
£141.00 £280.00
Mattress Pocket/Coconut 160x200x18
-47 %
Mattress Pocket/Coconut 160x200x18A mattress with a pocket spring in its construction. As opposed to the Pocket Plus mattress, it has been additionally equipped with a coconut mat that together with other materials used for the production allow to reach a high quality of sleep. The co..
£216.00 £410.00
Pocket/Latex Mattress 160x200x19
-41 %
The secret of its comfort is hidden in its interior. If you want a guarantee of increased comfort of sleep, increased durability parameters and the highest quality, choose the Pocket Latex mattress. It will meet all your expectations and it will make you sleep peacefully.Size :160x200..
£251.00 £429.00
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