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Terms & Conditions

This agreement is a contract for goods between us the supplier and you the consumer. This contract is concluded when you become bound to buy the goods and we become bound to supply them and both of these acts will have occurred when we have confirmed your order and accepted it by email.
Msofas leads the market in sofa design as style. We offer exclusive leather, fabric, traditional and contemporary sofas and furniture. Selected and made to most exacting quality standards in the marketplace.
At Msofas we want your Customer Experience to be enjoyable and seamless so we provide you with as much information about your agreement as possible and what you can expect from the services we offer if you ever use them.

Before you place an order here are some of the most common questions for you to consider.

  • Can access be gained easily for the furniture to be delivered? – are the doors wide enough, are there any awkward stairs, lift or passageways?
  • Will the furniture fit in the room?
  • Whether you need a left-hand sofa or a right-hand one?*

Before ordering a sofa please check dimensions of an internal and external access point including doors, corridors, stairs, lift and corners. Check for dimensions against your desired sofa to ensure access is possible. Measurements of upholstered furniture are the nearest ± 2-3 %.
If you still have doubts about answering the above questions please send us to email to we will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.
*We mean a right or left-hand corner sofa as we are standing looking at it, not when we are sitting on.
When you agree to purchase from us we will tell you:

  • What you have agreed to purchase. (These items are listed separately on your sales agreement)
  • The purchase price
  • Any payable balance
  • How you paid
  • When your furniture is expected to be available for delivery


Your order

You should ensure that the items you have detailed on the order screen are correct and that they meet your exact requirements, when you change the colour/s of the sofa please make sure that the sample name and colour is as you required. 'Request samples' or send us an email with a question about colour. Be aware that colours on the website might look different than in the real - all depends on settings on your monitor.  Once we have accepted your order and confirmed it by email it may not be possible to amend your order. 

Non-upholstery furniture - Colour/s on the website might look different than in the real - all depends on settings on your monitor. Dimensions and weight of the blocks given may differ slightly from the actual.
Payment Arrangements

The items on this order will not be delivered unless the balance is paid in full and some methods of payment include a surcharge.
Finance options are available for orders above £250.
Your statutory rights are not affected. 
Delivery arrangements and installation

Most of the furniture is made for the order and normally the delivery takes between 4 to 12 weeks after we have received your payment.
We have dozens of sofas in stock For delivery within 15 working days.

Transit times may vary, during busy periods, or deliveries to rural and distant areas may take a little longer.

We occasionally may not be able to deliver products in the agreed time due to circumstances beyond our control. In such a case, we will immediately inform you about any delay.

Please ensure your shipping address and contact number is correct, as we take no responsibility for undelivered orders due to incorrect addresses or contact numbers. Personal details can be checked by going select the "My account".

As soon as your order is ready we will send you an email with the date of delivery ( at least 3 - 5 days before). We need at least two weeks notice to arrange delivery. Your order will be delivered by a professional Msofas Delivery Team.

Delivery days are Monday to Sunday between 6 am and 10 pm. Delivery is not available on public holidays. These orders will be delivered on the next working day. Please note, we can not guarantee delivery times but the Msofas Delivery Team will inform you if the expected delivery time changes.

On Delivery 

On the day of delivery, the Msofas Delivery Team will unpack your Corner Sofa Bed, install it in the room of your choice and remove all packing materials from your home and recycle wherever possible. There may be extra costs added ( £20 - £80 ) if furniture must be dismantled to fit.

Please ensure all access points are clear of obstacles. 

Note we do not accept responsibility if the furniture ordered will not fit through doorways or becomes stuck in narrow areas within your property and we do not accept responsibility for any damages. It is the customer’s responsibility to measure all spaces before placing an order and be sure that Furniture can be easily delivered to your place/room.

Please check if the sofa meets your requirements and sign the invoice as proof of it. We do not take responsibility for not unpacked and non installed furniture. Is it customer responsibility to make sure that the product is as ordered before sign the invoice


For flat-packed furniture installation is not included. 

Please check each part after opened box/before assembly as only not assembled parts can be a replacement. Picture of the defected part, number/code from instructions and picture of the label from box must be sent to within 7 days from the delivery date.



We would like to confirm that we can deliver to PURPLE ZONE  but there are some things that I need to inform you about before you will place an order:

1. Delivery charge to PURPLE ZONE is £158 and this is a door to door delivery only.

2. As we use outside courier, delivery to PURPLE ZONE might take up to 16 weeks-depend on his availability.

3. When it comes to complain-for example for upholstered furniture-it is customer responsibility to deliver the faulty part to us so we can send it for fixing to our factory and then to collect it from us when the part is ready.

There is, of course, the small chance that the purchased product will be faulty but, I need to make sure that before the purchase, you are informed about that fact


Delivery Slot Cancellation:




All our products are made to your specification and are not sold from stock only products from ' Fast Delivery ' Category is in stock. As a sofa is made-to-order and produced precisely to your requirements, no cancellation, refunds or exchanges can be made unless your instructions have not been carried out, or the item is found to be faulty. 

 A non-refundable deposit of 50 % of pre-ordered furniture will be payable if the order is cancelled because of customer mistake in order (wrong corner, the wrong colour, not fit through the entrance, room etc.) or if the order will be cancelled after 14 days. However, If you select a new product in its place, it will be reduced to 25%. This charge will be made to your account. Your statutory rights are not affected. 



For your peace of mind and in compliance with the distance selling law, All items from ' Fast Delivery ' can be returned  within 14 working days please,  inform us that you have changed your mind and want to return item, we will refund the whole amount you paid for the item purchased but we will charge you with delivery/collection costs - 10% of furniture price (minimum £20)

Please note that the item must be returned to us: at your own cost, in the condition that it was sent out in along with the correct packaging so that we can return to the manufacturer. If an item is not returned to us in the original condition then we reserve the right not to issue a full refund. 

A non-refundable collection/delivery charge will be applied to all furniture if delivery is refused, the collection is requested or furniture did not fit, unless the product is faulty. 
No refunds or exchanges can be given on sofas made to your specification unless there is a manufacturing defect or the goods are not as ordered. No refunds or exchanges can be given on either sample pots or full-size pots of paint unless there is a manufacturing defect, or the goods are not as ordered. 


Under the terms of the distance selling directive, you as the customer have a duty of care for the product whilst it is in your possession. If products are damaged by you and subsequently returned, a charge will be made to repair the product to its original condition. Please be aware that where repair is not economically viable no refund will be made. Your legal rights are not affected. 
Returns - Faulty Goods

Notwithstanding our Delivery condition above If, after the Corner&Sofa Bed have been fitted, you find a fault; we reserve the right to request that the following steps are complied with:

  • you provide written notice and pictures of the defect to us and/or telephone us quoting your order reference number within 7 days of discovering the defect
  • you allow us to provide an engineer, you will be contacted to arrange a house visit to inspect the goods and confirm the fault or if asked by us we will arrange for the goods to be collected from you and returned at our expense for the examination to take place there.

Upon confirmation from the engineer that there is a fault, and the goods do not conform to the contract, we shall repair or replace such goods (or the defective part). Msofas shall not be liable for the goods if you continue to use the goods after giving such notice to us; or alter or repair the Goods without the written consent of us.
To resolve your problem with regard to Faulty products please contact one of our helpful and friendly customer service team who will be happy to resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum disruption possible.

Refunds will be made within 14 days of notification/collection, via the same method that was originally used for the transaction.

Your Guarantee

As one of the UK's few specialist sofa retailers, the Msofas selection process is strongly oriented toward quality and durability as well as value. Before allowing the supply of a piece of upholstery from any manufacturer, our buying team not only inspect and assess the factory but also check the method of manufacture of every model and design produced. Upholstery and sofas, in particular, are hand made products and as such variation and inconsistencies are common. For this reason, Msofas take great care in supplier choice, working with only factories where quality standards are process-driven and maintainable.

When a model is on display in the store, we are supremely confident in its intrinsic quality.
To represent our own confidence in our products and in addition to your statutory rights as a UK consumer we include our own 2 years warranty, free-of-charge with your new furniture.
Implementation of the complaint through a free repair will be 30 days from the date of examination.

Deadline for the examination and the complaint may be extended if the buyer agrees fax, e-mail or otherwise in writing. The delay in settling the complaint does not occur when a representative of the Guarantor reported to the Buyer at the agreed time and could not take action when complaints of reasons attributable to the Buyer. In this situation, the Guarantor pursues a claim in the new 30-day time limit.

The acceptance of the complaint to be implemented by repairing or to declare the complaint to be unfounded, the Buyer will be notified by the Guarantor immediately after the inspection of furniture, by making an appropriate entry in the minutes of the complaint. In all other cases, in a written decision within 14 days from the date of filing the complaint to the Guarantor.

If the defect is the subject of the complaint is, according to the manufacturer's assessment removable, the provision will be implemented by repair of the Buyer on the spot, in other cases the repair of the product will take place in the factory. The manner of the complaint decides representative of the manufacturer.
The buyer has the obligation to deliver the furniture or parts of the manufacturer's representative, in order to transport them to the headquarters of the manufacturer and repair in factory conditions.

The manufacturer has no obligation to provide Buyer with a replacement product for the duration of the repair in factory conditions. Refusal of a product (or part thereof) for repair in factory conditions or prevent repair, is considered resigned from the warranty.

Buyers expire automatically if the accepted date of the visit the manufacturer's service was twice unobserved by the fault of the Buyer.

If the sofa has to be replaced/repaired by the manufacturer because its damage we will supply the sofa within a maximum of 60 working days.

Every structural component of your new sofas and chairs is covered comprehensively by our 2 years warranty.

Specifically, all framework, joints, springs are warranted for a period of a full 2 years by Msofas.


The guarantee not covered:

  • When the furniture is dirty fabric/eco-leather / natural leather
  • The finding of damage caused by improper use of the furniture in accordance with their intended purpose.
  • The damage caused by animals.
  • Furniture flooding with water or other liquids.
  • The finding of inadequate performance of cleaning and maintenance procedures cover upholstered, during which it has been damaged the protective surface of the skin, fabric or eco-leather.
    In case of lack of performing cleaning and maintenance procedures leather, at least 4 times a year measures recommended by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer is not responsible for the discolouration of upholstery fabric, which are the result of the migration of dyes from clothing in contact with the fabric.
Deformation of the foam part of the contribution arising from the use of the furniture.
Natural fabrics wrinkles caused during normal use, and the resulting properties of the fabric and the properties of the foam cartridge.

Any kind of tears, borrowing, scratches fabrics, eco-leather or leather.
Pilling, shrinkage, fading of upholstery fabrics resulting from the technique and operation of the product by the buyer.
Folds occurring in the material upholstery, as a feature desired and intended. The outer coating of furniture made from materials or leather is loose and soft, which is caused by the furniture manufacturing technique.
Roofing materials can exhibit typical characteristics for upholstery fabrics, such as sensitivity to touch and iridescence. The diversity of gloss and hue depends on the angle of light even in the same batch, microfibre lizacion fibres (peeling), static electricity fabrics.


The differences in the hardness of the individual components of the device upholstery resulting from their different size or technique used.
Permissible variations in texture and skin tone, as well as all kinds of scars, veins, birthmarks, roughness faces, necks, differences in the thickness of the skin and wrinkles. These are the characteristics of the raw material, which is the natural leather and should be treated simply as a sign of authenticity and the advantage of genuine leather.

Changes occurring naturally in the average life of the furniture, which is a consequence of the passage of time and the usability type: stretching, wrinkling, wiping at the seams and most intensively used areas, and polishing the skin.
Significant differences in shades of skin between the individual elements of the holiday set produced in different periods.
Differences fabric, PU leather, if they come from different production batches fabric manufacturer and the complaint relates to the difference of individual products acquired in different periods.
Allowable differences in the shade of wooden elements due to the natural origin of the material.


Furniture should be used for their intended purpose and methods of use. Avoid getting into the armrests, standing on their seats, backs or individual strips of spring, do not jump.
Furniture should be used in dry, enclosed and protected from adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight. Typical furniture climatic conditions of use are the relative humidity 30-70%, the temperature of 15 to 25 ºC.

Do not place the furniture too close to a radiator or other heat sources. The minimum distance from the heat source is 1 m.
Wooden furniture components must be protected from scratches etc. In products of two or more seats and sets evenly use set (not just one seat) to avoid differences in the appearance of the entire set during use.

Furniture with the possibility of their distribution is not for everyday sleeping.
Before the first unfolding, make sure that you have removed the transport protection.
It is forbidden to self-disassembly and reassembly of furniture for children's functions.
Avoid direct contact with the skin, fabric or eco-leather with the sweat of the human body and fats of animal and vegetable.

Upholstery materials: leather, fabric, eco-leather should be kept clean. Do not allow heavily soiled upholstery fabric. Proper maintenance and care maintain the usability and aesthetic piece of furniture for a long time.

Before cleaning the furniture should be vacuumed: upholstered surfaces and matt surfaces vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Vacuuming gloss surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.
Remove stains as soon as they arise.

Do not apply cleaners directly on the stain, but clean with a white cloth or sponge.
By rubbing while cleaning can damage the surface of upholstery fabric. Therefore, the surface should be carefully cleaned gently using a circular motion. After drying the impregnated
After cleaning, lead to a dry surface. Furniture can be operated until it is completely dry.


The leather is a natural product: breaths absorbs and gives moisture.
If you will be looked after, clean, maintain and store at a stable temperature is always elegant and pleasant to the touch.
The easily notable feature is the presence of real leather, even on a small piece of a differentiated structure of the surface, different thicknesses, as well as the presence of other natural characteristics resulting from actions of nature: insect bites, scars, wrinkles, scratches, calluses, and the like. The difference in the texture of the skin is single with evidence that the skin has a natural face and that you are the buyers of the product for which he has been natural materials. Furniture with large areas of utility are made of a dozen or so up mats skin, coming from several animals, so there is a possibility of different shades and gloss leather upholstery. This effect also confirms the naturalness of the skin and should not be treated as a defect. Over time, the use of the skin can be wiped off - which is normal during operation, thus enhances the worn surface (patina shade).

Our company for furniture apply hides, in which, / the patina effect is obtained artificially by appropriate dyeing leather by the manufacturer. They are so-called. "Leather antique”. Leather due to its properties in normal use can gently stretch, which is not a pucker skin defects. In some leather furniture are deliberately wrinkling. It is a deliberate plan design and can not be regarded as a defect

The top layer of the skin is very delicate and sensitive to external action. Just like human skin is prone to drying out and cracking, so you should avoid placing leather furniture near radiators, fireplace, avoid direct sunlight, as the sun's rays have a very big impact on changing the colour of the furniture.  It is recommended constant skin temperature ranging from 19 to 21 degrees Celsius.
Do not use detergents, inappropriate care, specially manufactured on the basis of alcohol, gasoline and solvents and bleaches - they can permanently damage the skin. Defects caused as a result of misuse or improper maintenance-care products are not subject to the complaint.

All used by the company skin meet high-quality standards that are required for the production of furniture. Regular checks and detailed selection of material selection to production guarantee a very high quality of our products.

What do you do to make your leather was as good as new.

Furniture upholstered in natural leather, it is not enough to vacuum and wipes with a cloth with a cleaning agent, but also moisturise specialised preparation in the form (cream). The correct way of cleaning and maintenance of leather upholstery, as well as the proper selection of leather goods, means to guarantee that the product will be pleasant to the touch, more resistant to dirt, cracks, colour fading, etc. It will make your skin soft and supple and restore its natural oils.

Before cleaning and maintenance, furniture vacuumed thoroughly, paying particular attention to seams, collapse and depression. The operation can be carried out using a vacuum cleaner, cloth (cotton or microfiber) or a soft bristle brush. Removal of dust is to reduce the use of a cleaning agent, as well as reducing the formation of dirt. Cleaner applied on a damp sponge or cloth and rub gently place at a specific location on the surface. In order to collect dirt and detergent, cloth or sponge, rinse with clean warm water and wipe again take off the excess of furniture and dirt. If the venue has not been thoroughly cleaned operation must be repeated. Cleaning is performed very gently, do not rub hard surface being cleaned. Should not be allowed to become wet skin.

After cleaning, upholstery undertakes maintenance agent for this purpose, and by applying a thin layer evenly, with particular emphasis on the backrest, seat and armrests, and bacon. Leave upholstery for a period of about 10 hours in order to absorb a preservative and cement. Preservative protects colour from fading from sunlight, cracking the face, nourishes the skin, nourishes it, reduces friction on the skin surface, which in turn increases the lifetime of the furniture.


Before performing any maintenance, perform the test in an inconspicuous area. In the case of irregularities, change the cleaning and preservative agent to another.
The skin should be cleaned and maintained regularly, from 2 to 4 times a year, depending on the intensity of use of the product.
As with any warranty or protection, in offering this service we assume proper care of your furniture by reference to your care instructions, normal use in a domestic environment and no abuse from pets, children or any other source. 

Customer Satisfaction

Msofas Customer Care opens Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm and (times may vary at public holidays) and you can contact us during these hours by phoning 08000209555,  or by sending an email to by chat on Live Chat Support. 

If you ever need to call Msofas you can rest assured that you can speak to a real person in our very own UK contact centre.

We want you to enjoy your Msofas Customer Experience and our aim is to help you to do this in the best way we can.
Sometimes, things do not go according to plan.
If you feel that we have not lived up to your expectations, or that we could improve our service in some way, please let us know our customers' feedback, it is important for us. 

Customer Satisfaction is a core component of our business and we want to know what you think.
For your convenience, we have an online customer satisfaction survey that you can complete at your leisure and it will only take you three minutes.
Please tell us what we are good at and what you feel we could improve.
To monitor and improve the quality of our service some calls to our contact centre are recorded.
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