If you want to be a powerful statement of style and elegance in your living room, you must take a look at the Dino furniture collection. The furniture sets in this collection are perfect for many kinds of living room décor. Laminated boards are the primary material here and it is of a high quality. The color combination typically found in these items is that of oak and chocolate. Some of the items available in each set are cabinets, wardrobes, TV units and wall units. 

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Dino set 1

Modern Living Room Furniture Dino 1 - sonoma oak/chocolate oak Dimensions: Lenght: 290cm ,Height: 197cm ,Depth: 34-47cm. Additional :  Commode, Dimensions: Lenght: 150cm ,Height: 88cm ,Depth: 38cm - not included    ..


Dino set 2

Multifunctional Living Room Furniture Dino 2 - sonoma oak/chocolate oakDimensions:Lenght: 290cm Height: 197cm Depth: 34-47cm.Additional : Commode, Dimensions: Lenght: 150cm ,Height: 88cm ,Depth: 38cm ..