Some TV backdrops and sets are hard to forget, with famous sofas or armchairs often being the centrepiece of the scene. Iconic TV sofas, such as the Friends couch, have been remembered for years after the show has finished.

Although lots of famous sofas are ingrained into TV royalty, they’re typically fairly average looking sofas. From the plain design on Modern Family to the animated classic of The Simpsons, these famous sofas are our top picks for TV sofas that have stood the test of time.

Friends Couch


A velvet vintage dream, the Friends couch is one of the easiest famous sofas to recognise. With the sofa often being referred to as the 7th member of the Friends cast. This particular piece of set was shown from Season 1 to Season 10. It can also be seen within the opening credits of the show, where the cast are dancing around the water fountain. The consistency of this famous sofa throughout the show is why it’s so easily recognised today.

Scene from Friends TV show, showing the cast sat on the famous Friends couch in central perk.

With all vintage style sofas there are modern alternatives which take elements and modernise them. In the case of the famous Friends couch, there is the Lukka Mustard Corner Sofa. This sofa is almost the exact same colour as the Friends couch. It also includes a classic square pattern on the cushions to mimic the dimples of the famous sofa. Although the original famous friends couch has a block button, the Lukka range has more modern black legs. Even with slight detail changes to modernise this style of famous sofa, it’s easy to see why this type of vintage sofa is coming back into fashion.

That 70’s Show Famous Sofa

Red and Kitty Foreman’s famous yellow sofa is easy to spot. It’s accompanied by other reto pieces such as yellow cushions and an orange and brown patterned throw. As this show takes place in the 70’s, the decor of the set will always be retro. However, this famous sofa takes the retro trend and colour palettes to another level. Often seen as the centrepiece of the living room, this famous sofa is matched with a green armchair to really get the retro colour clash through to the audience.

Scene from That 70's Show with a cast member sat on the famous sofa. The sofa is a retro yellow colour and pattern, with clashing pillows and a throw.

This famous sofa is made for family, with plenty of cast members living in the Foreman’s home along the series. Making more space for family is important, with guests staying over after parties or just to visit. It’s ideal to have a sofa that can accommodate large groups. The Sinio Sofa Bed offers space and turns into a bed for overnight guests. With a large variety of colours to choose from, you can get a space-saving sofa in a retro yellow or modern neutral.


Penny’s Famous Sofa


During the series of The Big Bang Theory we see many famous sofas. These range from Sheldon’s favourite seat on his and Leonard’s leather sofa, to Howard’s mothers floral number. Later down the line we see Howard and his wife Bernadette move into his mother’s home following her death. This means another famous sofa is added to the fold of this iconic show. However, the most memorable famous sofa in the series would go to Penny. With bright blue tones and a modern square design, this is perfect for a small living space without compromising on style.

Penny and Amy from Big Bang Theory sat on Penny's bright blue famous sofa, with clashing cushions and knitted throw.

Creating a cosy, homely living space in a small area can be difficult. Using a sofa bed in your living room can expand your space and mean room for guests to stay. The Veni Sofa Bed in bright blue encompasses the style of Penny’s famous sofa whilst creating extra space.

Modern Family Sofa

Phil and Claire Dunphy has several sofas in their home, including one in their kitchen, dining room. Although this isn’t a common theme for most people’s homes, having a large sofa or multiple sofas is ideal for larger families. The Dunphy’s home is big enough to accommodate their 3 children and the wider circle of their families. 

The famous sofa in the Dunphy household is the one we see during the ‘talking heads’ confessional part of the series. Family members will be seen sat on a cream, three seater sofa with striped cushions talking to the ‘documentary’ crew. This famous sofa is now very easily recognised by fans. 

This particularly famous TV sofa is quite contemporary for a large family. Although it is build for durability and comfort at the same time. Neutral colours such as the cream, beige palette in Modern Family can be matched with almost any accessories which is why it’s such a popular colour choice. Neutral three seater sofa beds such as the Asti 3 Seater Sofa Bed are perfect for fitting with all types of home decor. They’re also ideal for filling large living spaces whilst adding extra sleeping space for family members to stay.

The Simpsons Famous Couch


Everyone knows The Simpsons famous sofa gag at the beginning of the show. Showing different types of scenarios and jokes in the main credits. This iconic sofa is also seen throughout the long-running TV series, with over 700 episodes, in most episodes. The Simpsons family have two sofas in their home, yet the brown leather sofa is the most famous. Often seen with Bart and Lisa watching the Itchy and Scratchy show or Homer relaxing with a Duff beer. The famous sofa has not been changed in the series, staying as a main centrepiece in the TV room. 

A leather sofa is an ideal choice for a family with young children as it’s easily wiped clean. With a baby in the family too, the famous brown leather sofa would withstand any accidents. The Asti Corner sofa bed is a classic design made from easily wipeable leather. Ideal for large families with big living spaces, the Paris sofa is similar to the famous Simpsons sofa but with modern twists. There is also a hidden storage space which elevates it above the famous sofa counterpart. 

Big Brother Diary Room Chair

Big Brother has seen some iconic scenes and housemates over the year. However, the diary room decor is always the biggest surprise for viewers and housemates alike. There’s been vintage style chairs, modern round bubble chairs and bold colour choices such as gold and bright blue. Spanning across different countries this TV show has created some famous sofas and memorable diary room chairs. 

The shape of this famous armchair is unique and would be perfect for a home that really focused on quirky interior design. There are lots of armchairs with similar styles, the Sing Armchair is one of the more unique designs. With a detailed pattern and comfort combined with contemporary style, this would be ideal for an office or reading room. Maybe without the drama of the diary room.

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