The Best Corner Sofa Beds for Sale

The best corner sofa beds can help you maximize your floor space or create a division in an open-plan living and dining space. Many of them also provide hidden storage and additional sleeping space for your friends and family.

With so many options, it can be hard to choose the right corner sofa bed for your space and lifestyle. In this article, we've compiled a list of factors to consider when choosing a sofa, and listed our 10 favorite corner sofa beds of 2023. Ready to be inspired? Keep reading!

How To Choose the Best Corner Sofa Bed For Your Home

There isn’t a universal sofa bed that will work perfectly in every home. You need to find the right corner sofa for your space, style, and needs. To find the best sofa bed for your home, consider these main factors:

Size and Shape

Your living room's dimensions and layout obviously play a huge role in determining the size and shape of your ideal corner sofa. But you should also take into consideration your family setup and your frequency of visitors.

If you live alone in a studio apartment, meet friends at restaurants to spend time together, and don't have family staying over very often, you can get away with a space-saving two-seater sofa. But if you are a lover of movie nights, have multiple kids, or love hosting friends and family over the holidays, it is worth investing in a larger corner sofa.

There are two main kinds of sofa beds: chaise-end sofas, which have a long seat that juts out on one side of the sofa, and L-shaped sofas, which look like two regular sofas placed right next to each other.


Your fabric choice can dramatically impact the look and feel of your sofa. If you are looking for options on the cheaper side, you'll find polyester or polyester blends. You'll find wools, twills, leathers, and deep-pile velvets on the more expensive side.

Make sure to choose a fabric that matches your lifestyle. If you often eat meals on the couch, have shedding indoor pets, or have a couple of accident-prone, sticky-fingered toddlers running around your home, low-maintenance sofa covers are your best bet. You can also get fabrics treated with Aquaclean, which helps you remove even the worst of stains easily. Take your time choosing your sofa fabric. Order as many fabric samples as you need to make your final decision.

The Best Corner Sofa Beds

Now that you know how to narrow down your options when choosing a sofa bed, let's dive into a few options. Here is a list of our 10 favorite corner sofa bed designs and the reasons we love them.

1. Candy Corner Sofa Bed

Relax in style on this chaise-end sofa bed. The backrests fold down in two swift, easy movements to provide you with a comfortable and cozy sleeping setup. You are guaranteed comfort when sitting or resting on the highly elastic foam and Bonnell springs.

The Candy Corner Sofa Bed is available in several fabrics with many color options, giving you complete control of the aesthetic the sofa creates. Choose amongst four stains for the mid-century-inspired tapered legs.

2. Bari Corner Sofa Bed

The Bari Corner Sofa Bed is simple, sturdy, and stylish. With its solid frame and plump cushions, it has a chameleon-like design that easily adapts and fits into different interior design styles.

For added visual interest, you can choose for the frame and the cushions to be different colors or fabrics. It has a hidden storage compartment underneath the chaise-end of the sofa, and it has a sleeping area underneath the other seating areas.

3. Brava Corner Sofa Bed

The Brava Corner Sofa Bed is modern, luxurious, and stylish. The large storage compartment is the perfect space to store bed linens, throw cushions, or seasonal decor.

With slightly-reclined backrests, adjustable headrests, and low armrests, this sofa creates a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. And with an impressive seat depth of 115cm, it is the perfect spot to lounge in for movie nights.

4. Cremona Corner Sofa Bed

With seats that look like they could fit into a luxury cinema, the Cremona Corner Sofa Bed is modern and laid-back. For maximum comfort, you can shift each backrest forward or adjust the angle of the armrests. For extra neck support, you have the option of adding adjustable headrests to the seats for an additional £45 each.

5. Lukka Corner Sofa Bed

Small and compact, the Lukka Corner Sofa Bed is perfect for smaller living rooms or studio apartments. It has a large hidden storage compartment. The wide backrest cushions create an organized and calm appearance. You have the option of adding headrests to the seats for an extra £45 each.

6. Shaggy Corner Sofa Bed

Large and in charge, the Shaggy Corner Sofa Bed has wide and thick cushions for optimum comfort. The slim armrests contrast the bold design of the sofa, keeping it looking cozy instead of heavy and overwhelming. This sofa looks great in soft velvet fabrics.

7. Zurich Corner Sofa Bed

With its gorgeous, airy design, the Zurich Corner Sofa Bed helps your room feel spacious and intentional. The metal legs are strong but subtle, contributing to the weightless effect of this sofa. The loose pillows can be arranged and moved around as needed, providing a versatile and functional sofa that enhances your home.

8. Cloud Corner Sofa Bed

The Cloud Corner Sofa Bed has a unique design that celebrates gentle curves and steers clear of harsh, sharp lines. The arched backrests, rounded armrests, and circular throw pillows work together to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that few could resist. Perfect for trendy brutalist interiors, modern interiors, or Scandinavian interiors, you can’t go wrong with this statement design.

9. Portimao Corner Sofa Longchair

With its cloud-like cushions, stunning soft fabric options, and elegant design, the Portimao Corner Sofa Longchair makes a stunning addition to any home. You have the option of adding additional headboards for an extra £45 each.

10. Laren Corner Sofa Bed

It is easy to create a breathtaking entertainment area with this stunner! The Laren Corner Sofa Bed provides two two-seater sofas connected together, joined by a curved backrest. The base and armrests of the sofa sport a fluted-fabric effect which adds subtle texture to the room.

Quality Corner Sofa Beds From Msofas

At Msofas, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, stylish sofa options for homeowners who prioritize comfort. If you're in the market for a new corner sofa bed, browse our corner sofa bed collection. You're sure to find something that suits your taste!

Each of our sofa beds is hand-crafted in Europe and complies with the highest quality control standards. Whether you're upgrading your living space or looking to add additional sleeping space to your home, we can't wait to join you on your sofa bed journey today.